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  • By the Speed of Life

    Every day, the Life Flight team flies injured or seriously ill patients to the medical help they need — providing life-saving treatment en route.

  • Behind the White Coats

    Doctors get all the glory as the faces of healthcare. They call the shots, talk with patients, give good and bad news, and are generally on call to save a life or fix a broken bone. But behind every test ordered, every gowned and masked face, every machine that is helping to determine a diagnosis is another healthcare worker who is also highly trained and cares just as much, even if, as one person said, you don’t even know she exists. While there are thousands of dedicated medical professionals working in our community, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at four professionals who are involved in four very different healthcare jobs.

  • Blue & White on the Emerald Island

    A number of Penn Staters, including my wife, Paulette, and I, were walking back from what had been a sunny pep rally for the Nittany Lion football team in Dublin’s Temple Bar area when it started to rain and soon escalated into a downpour. As we neared our hotel about a mile from the pep rally, most of us clearly not dressed for a soaking, a passing Irishman said: “Welcome to Ireland.”

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